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I’m Coach Rich. I have a deep passion for the game of basketball and sharing what I know. I hope you enjoy the articles on this blog and they help you with your basketball journey. Whether you are a player or a coach I have something to share with you. This blog started as a passion project to help and educate players and coaches.

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  • Life Lessons: Building Character Through Youth Sports
    Like a sculptor molding clay, youth sports have the power to shape and mold the character of our children. They provide a fertile ground where important life lessons can take root and flourish. Just as a potter skillfully crafts a masterpiece, youth sports offer an opportunity for children to learn, grow, and develop valuable skills … Read more
  • Maximize Your Basketball Performance With Dynamic Warm-Ups!
    Did you know that incorporating dynamic warm-ups into your basketball routine can significantly enhance your performance on the court? According to recent studies, athletes who engage in dynamic stretching before a game or practice are 33% less likely to experience injuries compared to those who don’t. That’s an impressive statistic that should grab the attention … Read more
  • Mastering The Art Of Basketball Scrimmages: Tips And Tricks For A Winning Game
    Are you ready to unlock the secrets to dominating basketball scrimmages? Well, my friend, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to the ultimate guide on mastering the art of basketball scrimmages: Tips and Tricks for a Winning Game. Scrimmages, my fellow ballers, are where the magic happens. It’s the battleground where we sharpen our … Read more
  • Mastering The Three Man Weave: Elevate Your Team’s Communication And Skills
    Imagine the basketball court as a symphony, with each player playing their own unique instrument, but all working together to create a harmonious masterpiece. Now, picture yourself as the conductor, guiding your team towards greatness. To achieve this level of mastery, it is crucial to elevate your team’s communication and skills. And what better way … Read more
  • Mastering The Art Of Basketball Practice For All Ages
    Basketball, the game of skill, precision, and teamwork. Picture this: the sound of sneakers squeaking on the hardwood, the rhythmic dribbling of the ball, the swish of a perfectly executed shot. It’s a symphony of movement and strategy, a dance between players and their love for the game. Welcome to the world of mastering the … Read more
  • Mastering The Dribble: The Art Of Avoiding Carrying In Basketball
    Did you know that carrying violations in basketball can give the offense an unfair advantage? As a basketball player, mastering the dribble is crucial to avoid these violations and maximize scoring opportunities for your team. So, let’s dive into the art of avoiding carrying in basketball. Carrying occurs when a player appears to be holding … Read more
  • Common Practice Mistakes In Youth Basketball: Expert Insights
    As a seasoned basketball coach and expert in the field, I have witnessed firsthand the common practice mistakes that many coaches make when it comes to youth basketball. These mistakes not only hinder the development of young athletes, but also rob them of the joy and excitement that should be inherent in the sport. It … Read more
  • Mastering Footwork: The Key To Avoiding Traveling Violations
    Mastering footwork in basketball is like conducting a symphony on the court. Just as a conductor skillfully maneuvers their baton, a player must finesse their feet to avoid traveling violations. Traveling, the dreaded violation that plagues even the best players, occurs when one or both feet illegally move while in possession of the ball. But … Read more
  • Mastering The Art Of Double Dribble: Unlocking Basketball’s Offensive Advantage
    Mastering the art of the double dribble is no simple feat. It is a skill that holds the key to unlocking basketball’s offensive advantage. The double dribble, a move that involves a controlled dribble, followed by a pause and another dribble, may seem like a small violation. However, its impact on the game cannot be … Read more
  • Demystifying Illegal Screens: The Hidden Fouls In Basketball
    Basketball, the beautiful game of strategy and athleticism, is a symphony of movements and calculated plays. Within this harmonious chaos, there lies a hidden foul that often goes unnoticed, yet can have a profound impact on the outcome of a game. Like a stealthy predator lurking in the shadows, illegal screens disrupt the very fabric … Read more
  • The Game-Changing Metric: Unlocking Offensive Efficiency
    Did you know that a player’s shooting efficiency can have a game-changing impact on their team’s offensive performance? It’s true! And the metric that truly unlocks this offensive efficiency is the Effective Field Goal Percentage (eFG%). With eFG%, we can accurately evaluate a player’s shooting ability by considering the added value of three-pointers compared to … Read more
  • The Game-Changing Gather Step: Unleashing Offensive Power In Basketball
    Imagine a basketball court, the hardwood gleaming under the bright lights. The sound of sneakers squeaking against the floor fills the air as players glide across the court with precision and finesse. And in the midst of this symphony of motion, there is one technique that has revolutionized the game, unleashing a new era of … Read more
  • The Art Of The Reverse Layup: Mastering A Game-Changing Move
    Did you know that the reverse layup is a game-changing move in basketball? It’s a move that can leave defenders in awe and give you an edge on the court. With players like Kobe Bryant mastering this art, it’s no wonder why it’s considered a highlight move. What makes the reverse layup so effective is … Read more
  • The Art Of Achieving Basketball Greatness: Unleashing The Magic Of Triple-Doubles!
    Basketball is a game that transcends mere athleticism. It is an art form, a symphony of skills and strategies that come together to create greatness on the court. And within this art form, there exists a magical phenomenon known as the triple-double. Like a brushstroke on a canvas or a note in a melody, the … Read more
  • Mastering The Art Of The Jab Step: Unlocking Your Offensive Potential
    In the intricate dance of basketball, every move carries its own significance. Like a brushstroke on canvas, each step holds the potential to create a masterpiece on the court. And in the realm of offensive prowess, there is one technique that stands above the rest – the jab step. Imagine yourself standing at the precipice … Read more
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